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Monday Milan Musings

Milan's transfer season has been more about subtraction than addition.

Dino Panato

By the time the World Cup semifinals begin on Tuesday Milan will have shed a three players worth of deadweight in Kaka, Robinho, Matri, Birsa and Emanuelson.  The problem with these subtractions, is that the transfer money earned is next to nothing, unless of course you count the money saved on wages.  If that is the case Milan has saved a fair amount, but these moves have done little to help Milan where the help is truly needed...

The problem is, even now, as Milan and Filippo Inzaghi have a chance to rebuild and restart the foundation of AC Milan, the management is going about it all wrong.  The list of targets is not Hummels, Astori, or Vlaar.  It is Iturbe and Cerci, not even the superstars being created at the World Cup.  We all know that Milan has fallen hard from grace but the unwillingness to build from the back is still alarming and as Milan moves forward in building a top heavy team yet again the results will be hard to come by.

Based on early reports it would appear that the 4-3-3 is the formation forward and I will address the tactics of said formation after the World Cup, but in the meantime Milan should be addressing the issues within that formation.  There are many, and spending it all on a RW is not going to solve the problem.  More importantly the quotes surrounding Balotelli are just as disruptive as the nonsense gong on with Seedorf.  Oddly on the Seedorf quotes the same players that a few here praise for being good team players and important to the team are the ones who are slandering the banished Coach.  Not much from the peanut gallery on that topic...

Milan are moving forward, but it seems the pace is the same of a Seedorf counter attack, slower than slow!  It will be interesting to see once the round of attrition is complete what Milan's really progress forward is.  Once we discuss the 4-3-3 it may become a bit more clear, but in the meantime we will watch a our esteemed management muddle their way through.