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AC Milan's Conte "Deal" Does Nothing for the Team or Its Coach

These distractions simply need to stop.

Claudio Villa

With the transfer season not exactly yielding the results Milan and its fans were hoping for, it is the sideshows that stealing the headlines.  The biggest news is this supposed deal that was in place with former Juventus Coach, Antonio Conte.  The same deal that was ushering the failed Clarence Seedorf out of Milan and raised the ire of Conte's employer Juventus.  The problem with this silly rumor is that does absolutely nothing for anyone.

Put yourself for a moment in Filippo Inzaghi's shoes.  Apart from lacking the experience needed to be successful in Serie A, the former Milan man is being setup to fail.  A lack of real help in transfers and a team that is made up of mediocre players the road is going to be long this season.  Now the news that he was possibly a second choice, or warming a seat for Conte next season basically undermines his authority before the season has even started.  I didn't have high hopes for Pippo, but this is simply silly.  Imagine for a minute Conte as Milan Coach, a Juventus legend, a guy who proved after years of spending that he could win Serie A but couldn't win the knockout matches that mattered.  Tactically he was capable of adaptation and evolution but when it came down to a result he preferred ideology.  The difference for the Conte ideology was that it wasn't mired in "pretty" football but blistering hard work and at times it seemed Juventus ran out of gas, but never seemed to run out of luck.

At the end of the day the deal didn't happen, but make noise about it only makes an already uphill battle for Pippo that much steeper.  it is amazing that management seems unwilling to get behind him and this recent behavior is the reason a Coach like Donadoni or even Conte would most likely head for the hills before taking the spot on the Milan bench.  The egos are to large, the money is to little, and the direction is all but lost.  Get behind Pippo now and make it clear that Conte wasn't right for the job anyway, get him a few players or prepare for a the tenth place finish that this team is heading for.