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AC Milan USA Tour Not Going as Planned

The team looks listless and incapable of executing even the simplest task. They don't need a preseason they need a bootcamp.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

By half time I had just about seen all that I needed to see.  A 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City, and while the result doesn't bother me it was more the performance that left me utterly disheartened. It wasn't long ago that a match between Milan and Manchester City would be considered an academic result.  Even a B level team would easily dispatch the punch British club, my how times have changed.  Now the Man City are the haves and Milan are the have-nots I contend that even a Top Class Milan would struggle against a Manchester City bench squad with the likes of Aguero and Jovetic.  The game has changed with money and one would argue Milan has yet to accept this fact and instead of working with youth and building a future they continue to stumble along.

This day was no different, by half time only a storm could save Milan's defense which began with Constant, DeSciglio, Rami and Alex.  Sadly, for some this is Milan's first choice defense, for Manchester City it was like a Sunday pub team and the goals came easy.  You could argue that it will take some time for Rami and Alex to gel as unit, I can really appreciate that.  The issue I have is even on their own they seemed soft and unwilling to defend.  Constant has only one spot on the this squad and it rhymes with bench and the sooner Inzaghi realizes he needs to play DeSciglio on the left and Abate on the right the sooner this defense thing will straighten itself out.

Now as the skies clear will Milan pick up the slack and savage at least something from what is turning out to be a nightmare tour.  135 minutes of football 7 goals conceded...