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Milan Lose Opening Preseason Friendly to Olympiakos

Milan's preseason campaign starts off with a loss, it will be the first of many this season.

Claudio Villa

For this WTF Friday I want to mirror the reaction to the preseason loss to Olympiakos.  Now this wasn't just any loss, it was a 3-0 drubbing, and it was for real!!  I mean how can we lose a preseason game, this badly, we are AC Milan!!

The reality is this reaction is laughable and if you are going to worked about losing a preseason friendly then there is little condolences I can offer.  Now I am all for winning every time you step on the pitch and working your tail off, but I am not going to worry about a preseason match where the team is finding their footing.  The problem with these reactions is most of the people worrying don't understand a real loss, they were probably 5 when Milan lost to Liverpool in 2005, now that is a loss! This is nonsense!  Now I am not trying to quantify losses, not at all, the point is this team has a long and hard rode full of many more losses like this one.

This is not going to be an easy, in fact I have mentally prepared for a repeat of 1997-1998.  The coach situation was messy, the jersey was ugly, and the result was a tenth place finish.  You can all hold this over my head if we win the Scudetto in May of next year but right now this is where I am mentally preparing myself for this upcoming season.  I tend to has this out a bit more in the next few days leading up to the season but for now this is where I stand.  In fact I am not all that worried about this season anyway, it is more the reaction that will define the future of AC Milan.  Will Pippo survive? Will management finally react to what this team really needs?  Is the foundation going to be trusted and used but more importantly perform?

If you have nothing else to worry about then by all means, have it this loss, but if you are like me then feel free to let it ride.  This is only the start of the journey!