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AC Milan Embark on 2014 USA Preseason Tour

The centerpiece should be football, instead it feels like a circus.

For the first time in a long time I won't be attending a training or a match while AC Milan are stateside.  What was supposed to be a match in my backyard ended up in NYC and Pittsburgh.  While both locations are accessible it simply didn't fit into my schedule.  Those fortunate enough got to meet the team as the unveiled the new kits in the Adidas store, and while the kit is not the greatest and the team photo is a bit lacking in star power we press on with the US tour!

We haven't talked much about the kits and as a staunch conservative traditionalist these don't do it for me.  The offset stripes, the yellow away just doesn't work for me.  What will work for me though is a fruitful preseason that gives the team's a few looks with the 4-3-3 with guys in different roles.  Can the likes of Saponara and Honda fill in the three man midfield roles?  Who will the fullbacks be?  Is Menez really the answer at RW?  This preseason will answer those questions and while we press now e can analyze them tactical but for now we wait patiently.

Rest of the news is slow with Robinho being the big headline news, does he stay or go?  If he stays it will be awkward as fans booed him on Sunday with the armband in the match against Monza.  I have never been a fan of booing players, and while I think he has run his course at Milan he did provide some value in his time here but could help grease the wheels for his exit.  My word of advice, take Mexes too!