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AC Milan Musings

Summer Sundays are few, and without AC Milan Football everyone has their thing, what is yours?

Bryn Lennon

Once the World Cup ended Sundays turned back into the typical lazy fare of childhood summers. A trip to the beach, maybe to Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner, a picnic or a bike ride. For me Sundays without Milan are typically the same. An early morning bike ride, an espresso and if it's July it means the Tour De France. This year is extra special as while Italy couldn't compete in the World Cup, Sicilian Vincenzo Nibali is leading the Tour De France.  The singularity of the sport makes a nice break from football and I am sure we all have our hobbies and interests outside of AC Milan!  I will keep tracking Vincenzo "The Shark" Nibali, but what do you do you do on lazy Sunday's without AC Milan?

I know what Pippo Inzaghi does!  He trains harder than his players:

His brace was spectacular, but more worrying was that he and Tassotti, our two Coaches, were the stand out performers. This team has a long way to go, and I need to put heavy emphasis on the LONG.  The entire mentality has to change and it would appear from the get go Fillipo Inzaghi understands that wholeheartedly.  The question is will players like Mexes and Balotelli buy in!?

Speaking of Baloteli, Football Italia is reporting that Arsenal will continue their spending splurge to add Mario Balotelli to the list with Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Deboucy.  Arsenal really truly need a CDM and while 20M would be a boon for a Milan his value did slip following an erratic World Cup performance.  The more worrying notion of the Football Italia report was that it claimed it was obvious that Milan should name Balotelli Captain!?  I can't agreement with this statement and it is the sort of stuff that bothers me with the modern football fan and pundit.  Being a Captain means something, especially at AC Milan and just giving it to someone without earning it and working for it is like spitting in the face of the Legends who wore it before him.  If I were Pippo, I would go with NO CAPTAIN.  Yes you read that correctly, not a single soul on this team deserve that role and one someones steps up and earns it, hand it to him, if he falters take it back.  This team need to earn anything front his point forward.