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Max Allegri Signs Two Year Deal with Juventus

From a place that wouldn't spend a dime to further his cause to the place that bought most of the players he wanted!? Max Allegri goes from toiling to the top of the table.

Claudio Villa

There is absolutely no secret I like Max Allegri.  An intelligent pragmatic Coach who doesn't let ideology get in the way of winning football.  More importantly a guy who brought Milan it's first title ages with incredible balance and at times a flair.  A stellar goal differential and three different players with 14 goals it was one of Milan's finest seasons since Cappello/Sacchi era.  Yes there were struggles in the Champions League but in parallel the Milan injury epidemic that continues after he has left, though he was blamed for it, was at it's worse.  His time at Milan started as high as it could, with an army of good players who as years passed were sold of and like a Company in the modern US economy he was always asked to do more with less.  Squeeze every last drop out of a team of mediocre players.

Oddly enough he continued to garner praise and support from those who understood the game and more importantly the situation.  Those who didn't support him? A vocal cotangent of Milan "fans" who I really can understand or associate with and while I don't contend to open the great divide these are the same sort of people who get behind the fluff that Barbara is selling for the betterment of the Club.  The same sort of people who think Milan can buy anyone they want and that youth can simply waltz onto the pitch.  These are the same people who were ecstatic to hand the keys to a Coach with zero competence and then tweet about how if he got fired they would leave their post at say the AC Milan Club NYC, and a day after it happens they go nowhere.  Not only do they not understand the game they are not even accountable!??! So yeah I guess I opened the wound, let me pass you some salt.

I will say one thing right now and please remember my words. If Seedorf is fired, I will resign my post as admin in protest of Milan. -DB

I will not return until the parties responsible resign. Whoever fires Seedorf will have to leave before I come back as a fan. -DB

The initials have been changed to protect the guilty...

The reality is Allegri goes to a better place...a place where players he specifically requested actually play!  Asamoah, Tevez and Ogbonna.  A place where until yesterday where Conte claims he wasn't supported, management stood behind their Coaches and didn't go public with silly nonsense.  A place that is a Club, not a Circus.  Now I won't support Juventus, not even dead, but I have always respected the Old Lady in the same way class Juventinos respect AC Milan. I am also not supportive of Max, he crossed a line, that while not as bad Leonardo to Inter, makes him dead to me.  But while we endure a struggle of a season with Pippo learning the ropes Juventus will most likely win it's fourth consecutive Title at the hands of a man Milan ran out of town.

One last thing...what happens to Pirlo!? The irony...