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Wednesday Milan Musings

Macklemore made thrift shopping popular for a minute but Fester is making it a habit.

Marco Luzzani

Today's news that Milan is courting Nani put me over the edge!  This isn't going to be long or even coherent because frankly I am pissed.  I can appreciate money is a tight at Milan.  The new digs, the inflated wages, and the fat roster but Nani!?!?  What once was a Club that court anyone now has made it a habit of nickle and diming each and every transfer and loanne and then digging up people's trash to play for this squad.  I swallowed Alex with a bit of whiskey, there wasn't enough left in the bottle to deal with Menez and the Nani news sent me straight to the liquor store.

Instead of buying players this team might need or players that can bring something to the table in terms of leadership or experience we get this.  It has come to the point, for the first time in twenty five years, and I look at the roster and I honestly say there are very few guys I can get behind on this team.  There are no players that you can look and say, that's a stand up a guy, a role model, a leader...instead it is someone else's bad transfer that turns into a gift from the Silvio Berlusconi. If this is the new Milan, the one Barbara has been jabbering on, then maybe it is time the AC Milan Offside stages a Ultra-esque protest.  Avia, dust off the banner...