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2014 World Cup Final

Germany dispatched Brazil like they were a pub team while Argentina had to go to PKs to beat my pick Holland. Who take it?

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I was in Seattle for both games and for those not familiar with the Pacific Northwest the game has picked up steam.  I watched at two different bars and in both venues people were at the their edge of their seat.  Personally, I relished in the thrashing of Brazil.  The often cocky hosts got a taste of what Germany efficiency means.  It was a massacre, the kind you watch and wonder about.  Everyone cried about Neymar but the real miss was Milan's former star Thiago Silva.  His absence showed the World how much David Luiz is really worth, NOTHING.  In the opposite match it was Van Gaal who led his team to PKs again and instead of sticking with his GK that got him there he failed to make the switch.  Worse, he started a CB for the first PK.  You start with the best because the rest is history.

Now it boils down to a well organized Argentina capable of flair and a well oiled German machine capable of dismantling anything in sight.  For me it's a toss up.  Argentina is on South American soil, they have the advantage, but Germany doesn't seem to be bothered by that all.  A win for Germany puts them at four with Italy, while Argentina would move to three.  Many of you know my feelings towards Messi and in fact it is the way the rest of the team is playing that is allowing Argentina to flourish.  The play doesn't rely on Lionel Messi, it compliments him and allows other's to flourish.  There is a certain excitement to watching him interact with Sergio Aguero and Gonazlo Higuian.  More impressive is their willingness to defend as a unit and forego attacks for organization and intelligence.  For a tactical show piece it is a dream final!

I wouldn't be surprised if it goes to PKs, with so much at stake in finals the match becomes more a battle of attrition and caution then outright attacking football.  Then again this Germany squad fears no one, an incredible trait.  I don't pick winners, for that I leave it you below, enjoy the Final!