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World Cup 2014: USA v Belgium

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today's match is a big one, momentous even, if you stop and think what it means for the US. For many Belgium was the chic World Cup pick.  Young, explosive, but raw.  Like France in the late '90s and Spain in the 2010's, Belgium is experiencing a golden age of players.  A spectacular goalkeeper, a handful of great midfielders and a few veterans to steer the ship.  Regardless of the likes of Kompany, Van Buyten and Felliani, the point I made about experience still stands.  As good as this team really is few of these guys have been on this stage at the World Cup but they have improved their CV in Club competition.

I am more excited to see if the USMNT can look back on previous Round of 16 victories and how they hung tough and moved on.  Some of these guys have been here before and it will be that experience that they can lean on, granted it's a small group of players but it will mean something.  I would say hit here and say a loss would be a victory but this is no longer the case, the bar has been raised, the USMNT has an expectation now.  Let's get this WIN!