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AC Milan Begins their 2014 Transfer Campaign On the Cheap

31 Year Old PSG CB Alex has signed with AC Milan. Tall, lanky, French Winger to follow...

Julian Finney

It would appear the reign of No-Direction continues at AC Milan.  In two days the new Coach has not named, the old Coach has not been settled and players are being not only met with but signed. What was supposed to be a summer of rebuilding appears to be on track for much of the same.  Bargain buys, free transfers, and hefty wages. A dime saved is becomes a quarter spent.  The positive we have not one but two CEOs to slander for this mess.

The first of the summer buys is Alex, CB from PSG.  Now I like Alex, good stout solid player, who in my opinion will do well in Serie A.  Not the fastest, but has enough of the tools to be what really Milan need in a pressing CB.  It still doesn't answer mail for the Nesta type cover CB this team desperately needs, but it is a start.  Like many I find it ironic that the real CB, best in the World CB, remains at PSG in Thiago Silva and we get the scraps.  This is reality for the new AC Milan.

Hot on the hells of this transfer is Jeremy Menez, it has been said the 27 year old attacker has already met with Inzaghi. The Frenchmen who once plied his trade for Roma has never been a favorite of mine and frankly I don't support this signing.  Truth be told it all started when blew past Maldini in his final match against Roma, it was symbolic of Il Capitano's lack of pace and the changing of the guard but the punk kid who was nothing but pacey hasn't changed much. Yes he is quick but he often makes poor choices and is a bit of whiny diver, welcome to the team bud you and Mario can fight for the most time spent rolling on the pitch.  He won't have many friends in Italy so I expect to get hacked early and often.  My biggest beef with this move is that he is a winger and if we are going to work towards a 4-3-3 that is fine as it will incorporate SES, but if we are going to insist on this silly 4-2-3-1 this team needs a lot more than Menez.

This all harps back onto my point of no-direction above! I am not asking to be given a ten slide power point on the state of future of AC Milan, their formation, their transfer strategy and goals.  I am not the naive sort of fan who feels entitled to this sort of info, but I have been around long enough to understand a few things.  The first being before you buy and sell you should have Coach, before you have a Coach you should can the last one!  Before you can the last one you should decide who is in charge...get the hint?  Alex and Menez stink of more garbage that nobody wanted to now and nobody will want in two years when they stop performing and start costing us more than they are worth. Harsh, a little, any my typical mantra of it can always be worse seems to be biting me in the rear here.  It feels like it's getting worse.

Stay tuned for more puzzling moves...Cristante to Benfica, Paloschi staying at Chievo, Abate to PSG...