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Why would we sell Mario??

As the World Cup gears up so do the rumours of Balo's possible sale

Marco Luzzani

The former Prime Minister then remarked on rumours that Mario Balotelli could be sold and potential incomers to San Siro.

"We're still a long way from making any decisions. We're looking into the possibility of signing new players, but we have to wait until we have chosen the new Coach."

That's not exactly reassuring if you are in the Pro-Mario camp. Why would you even consider selling a player who is easily the only A Star player on the roster?

Why sell the player who only last season helped you claw your way up the table to finish third? I even waxed lyrical about him here and happy to go on record to say that i was one of his biggest advocates when he joined.

Sure, he displaced SES but i didnt really care as i watched him dink & slink his was past the opposition in a manner that showed he was desperate to make himself at home, he wanted to show he was one of us.

So what's changed?

For me the long & short of it is we simply cant have the guy we are relying on to get us to where we belong to be sulking around the pitch and mouthing off to this team mates. It might be that he feels too comfortable at Milan now but the hunger he showed last season has pretty much evaporated. In the manner that SES was able to cover over the deficiencies of the cr@p squad and single handily pull out a win we should have seen no less from Mario this season and next but fear we wont see it happen.

One of the key arguments is that we still have glaring holes in the CB position and need some genuine talent in the midfield and unless Cristante turns out to be a revelation we will likely need to go on the market to get an Essien replacement (facepalm).

We could obviously sell Matri but wont get as big a bang as if we threw Mario onto the market and lets not forget SES!

SES was pretty much unstoppable for the 1st half of least season, for all those sniggering at how he kept Allegri in a job time and time again you cant help but wonder if Seedorf would still be here next summer if the old SES had shown up in December to put in a shift? The thing with SES, Mario take note, is the the kid is all about effort. When he isnt bombing forwards he is coming back and putting in the kind of last minute tackles that would T. Silly stand up and applaud.

We might still have Mario after the World Cup but he needs to realise, this team, club, management and fans are all pretty much on their knees at the moment and we simply cant afford to carry any kind of dead weight, its all hands to the pumps at the moment.

Shape up or ship out!