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AC Milan at the 2014 World Cup

With Italy crashing out of the World Cup the Milan presence is dwindling.

Clive Rose

With Italy crashing out our three players in the ranks: Abate, DeSciglio, and Balotelli are going home.  It was't exactly a World Cup to remember for everyone.  The hopes of a Nation rested with Balotelli and the one memorable thing he did was write an open letter to the fans.  Oddly enough Mario has been the receipt of such an open letter as well as written one before to Inter fans.  It remains a very sad state of affairs that Mario's biggest flops are mired in controversy instead of hard work and effort.  His letter, true or not is here...

“I am Mario Balotelli, I’m 23 years old and I did not choose to be Italian. I wanted it strongly because I was born in Italy and I’ve always lived in Italy. I was hoping for a lot from this World Cup and I am sad, angry and disappointed with myself. Yes, maybe I could have scored a goal against Costa Rica, you’re right, but then what? What is the problem after that? Maybe that’s what you all wanted to say? Don’t blame it all on me this time because Mario Balotelli have given everything for the national team and has done nothing wrong on a personal level. So go and look for another excuse because Mario Balotelli has his conscience in place and is ready to move forward stronger than before, with his head high. He is proud to have given everything for his country. Or maybe, as you say, I am not Italian. The Africans would never heap everything on one of their ‘brothers’. Never. In this sense us blacks, as you call us, are light-years ahead. Shame isn’t that you can miss a goal or run more or less. Shame is those things [I’ve mentioned]”

Taken from here

I give the kid credit and as I have said numerous times, I support him the person and player, but would rather do that for someone's else team.  Abate and DeSciglio had a chance to be Milan's next fullback tandem to make magic at the World Cup, instead a former Milan man stole the show in Darmian and we can wonder what could have been if trusted players like him instead of the likes of Senderos or Sokratis!?

As for the rest of the bunch the list is a bit sad...

- De Jong (Holland)
- Honda (Japan)
- Muntari (Ghana)
- Essien (Ghana)
- Zapata (Colombia)

DeJong's Dutch may very well be on the way to the final but the rest of the group is embarrassing.  Honda's Japan was bottom of the group, he was arguably their best player, silver lining!?  Muntari was sent home due to unprovoked attack on a Ghana staff member.  Muntari can have a hot temper, but that is simply inexcusable and a bit embarrassing. The real kicker, Zapata is actually not playing for Colombia at all, but you know who is Yepes!?  That's what I called irony...

So when I look at this list and what the result was, you shouldn't really be surprised that Milan's band of misfits barely fit for Serie A are going from the World Cup as well.  Best of luck to DeJong we are pulling for you bud as for the rest...well I don't have much else to say.