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Monday Milan Musings

Looks like we have to pay some attention to the real reason we are here!?

Claudio Villa

While we have all been enamored by the World Cup in Brazil a few things have happened at Milan since Clarence Seedorf was ousted and Pippo was named the next manager...

-It is that time of year in Italy where co-ownership deals must be settled or the players go to blind auction, Milan had a few names in this bucket including Paloschi, Albertazzi and Saponara.  It would appear that only Albertazzi went to blind auction and oddly enough Milan won!?  For those that don't know co-ownership deals that are settled before the deadline are settled by placing your bid in an envelope opposite the other team who own's the player, once the bids are open the highest wins.  The Michelangelo Albertazzi win was incredible, A. because he was excellent last season and will be an asset to Milan but more surprisingly is B., in that Fester had zero dollars so he put a coupon to a bunga bunga party in the envelope which was worth more than whatever Verona had in their envelope.  I imagine Verona actually forgot to put anything in the envelope...

-Chievo have won the full rights to Paloschi for a staggering 3M!!! I say staggering because this is the most money Milan have received for a transfer all summer long.  In turn Fester is trying to use it to lure Ashley Cole for an annual salary of  exactly that 3M.  Spend what you got I guess, the only other options outside of Milan for the 33 year old are in the MLS so it is no surprise Milan is trying to restart the rest home concept of 2008.  Times change, things don't.

-Speaking of rest home, one guy who won't stay is Kaka who appears on his way to Orlando FC.  With some luck he will lure Ashley Cole as well, but the real news is that this is a free transfer.  Which harps back on the can't sell what nobody wants motto we now have at the San Siro.  Kaka showed flashes of brilliance and I have yet to decide if a proper send off is in order.  I can't help but feel his purchase was the beginning of the end for Milan this season as he was not what this needed and it was painfully evident.  He was a leader and a veteran but on the pitch he was difficult to work in and as a CAM he was mediocre at best. It will be good to get him off the books but I still can't tell if Milan is going forward or backwards this summer.

-Milan have won out the deal for Saponara who joins Milan for 1M.  There was some promise, albeit fleeting, with Ricky Saps under Allegri for a few matches.  Once Seedorf joined and turned Milan back into a country for old men he was relegated to the bench never to be seen or heard from again.  Was it Saponara who simply didn't do enough to impress Clarence or was it Seedorf who at times showed he didn't understand what he had at his disposal on the roster?  Time will tell this season and at some point we will even find out what Pippo's plan is for the formation and decide what use Saponara can be.

-The Balotelli to Arsenal rumors continue to heat up with Puma, Arsenal's new kit Sponsor, stepping in to help fund the transfer.  Rumor is Balotelli will be paid 11M per year which is more than Milan has in their entire transfer budget.  The transfer value is said to be near 25M which would be a 5M profit on the 20M fee that has yet to be paid in full to Manchester City, ah the joy of transfer financing!?  The real problem with this move, Milan seem to have already spent the money on a striker, go figure, so instead of truly reinforcing this team where it needs to be they continue to stock pile and chase strikers.  Add him to the list that still oddly includes Robinho...