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Milan's DeSciglio Ruled out of Italy's First World Cup 2014 Match

One of Milan's only likely starters in Prandelli's setup is ruled out of the opener.

Claudio Villa

It was labeled a calf injury, then suddenly a left thigh injury following and MRI.  The worrying thing is the lack of clarity but also the general health of Mattia DeSciglio.  It is in fact classic to misdirect an injury, the National Football League stateside is notorious for it.  You can't say a QB has an forearm injury because guys would be gunning for it, but I am not sure this is the intent here.  The kid has had a bum leg all season and for those that have pulled, torn or strained large muscles before (calf, quad, hamstring) you know it is not an injury that is easy to get over.  The saving grace is that his injuries have been more or less strains but being of a muscular nature it is worrying.  It wasn't long ago that Mr. Glass, Alexendar Pato, started with a few strains before earning his nickname.

The question becomes is something going at Milanello? What is the reason for the laundry list of muscular strains, some fans blamed the Coach which is farthest from the truth as you can get.  In fact I 100% positive Prandelli didn't hurt DeSciglio yesterday! It was hot and humid and could have been a myriad of things, a cramp, dehydration, a tweek from fly a few days earlier.  The point is these are professional atheletes who are on strict diets and regimens and you have to wonder if they are doing something wrong or maybe their bodies are not cut out for the rigor?!  I mean I get a calf cramp at the 30 mile mark of a bike ride and I only have myself to blame.  Did I drink enough, did I drink to much whiskey the night before!?  Did I bring a sodium tab?  The point is we get where this stuff comes from so I sit here bewildered that it isn't being addressed appropriately.  If at the end of the day the kid just needs a break then maybe that is the answer.

It hurts knowing he won't play Saturday and maybe even miss the World Cup.  It hurts more wondering if he is training hard and following the routine set out for him.  We don't need another Pato on our hands and it would be a shame to hear the stuff we heard about the Duck regarding lax training and suspect night life.  Time will tell, but early signs for our future at LB are looking a bit bleak.  I fully expect to clear this but you know what we are all thinking...