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Riccardo Montolivo to Miss 2014 World Cup

During Italy's World Cup warm up Montolivo goes down and out.

Claudio Villa

Milan already had a paltry showing at this year's World Cup.  One of it's four players on the Italian National team is now out and more importantly it leaves Milan in a bit of a hole as well.  A few days ago we began to explore the idea of selling Montolivo if the 4-3-1-2 was the go forward formation.  Now the team has to buy a backup as the injury could mean Montolivo misses much of next season as we.  A broken tibia is nothing to scoff at and the rehabilitation and more importantly the confidence to return will be a challenge.

Italy may not even notice he is missing, but for a player who really needed to cement himself as the future of this team is missing a great opportunity and regardless how you feel personally, you have to feel for the player.  It gives Aquilani a big chance to step up but also means the burden will remain on Pirlo which will make Italy an easy to shut down team. Everyone saw what Spain did at the Euro Championships, clog the middle defensively and attack the wings, behind the wing backs if Italy plays 3-5-2, that recipe will be used and Italy will need to cope.