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Matchday XXXVI: Milan v Inter

Inter sits fifth table, and catching them is a tough sell.

Claudio Villa

The Derby still matters, just keep repeating that statement over and over again, because before trophies and money, football was about rivalry and competition.  What better way to silver line a lost season then with a Derby win.  It's a small token but a token no less.  There will be no trophies for Milan or accolades as the team limps apathetically to the finish line.  Some guys look like they have already mailed it in while others maybe fight and hope for a future in red and black.  We may very well have a new Coach next season, a new CEO, a new Owner!?  But one thing will remain, the Derby, and that's why this team has to do it's best to make it happen.

The problem with that last statement is what is Milan's best!? Playing slick football only to lose like they did against Juventus?  Play negative football and squeeze out wins against Provincial teams?  In a week where Tiki-Taka was bested by Carletto and Simeone out Mourhino'd Mourinho!  You sit and wonder what Seedorf has up his sleeve, if anything, and if Milan will continue to muddle their way through the last few games or if something consistent and collective will show itself. Milan continues to be a team dominated by individual performances and it will take some strong performances for that to happen with Balotelli or Kaka integral to that. The question is will the rest of the team show up as well to make it happen?

I muddled with lineups in my mind but if the last few matches have shown us anything it is that we are simply guessing.  So with that we sit back and enjoy the show.