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Massimo Ambrosini Mulls Retirement

"I'm physically fine, but I wouldn't have any problem retiring. Calling it a day when I'm still fine is an option that I'm not going to exclude."

Claudio Villa

It happens at times, some athletes believe they have a place somewhere when in reality they may not.  It happened to Seedorf as he went to Brazil, in fact Gattuso and Zambrotta met the same fate. Ambrosini left Milan on terrible terms, not a send off for a hero, a Captain.  Now his new Club has left him nowhere to go and at 37 he mulls retirement.  As a look at the photo above it makes me thing, will a year deal help move along a team that has absolutely no link to the past other than an introverted a GK!?  Maybe...

He never was going to be mistaken for Zidane nor did he have the tenacity of Rino Gattuso, but he was a good solid CM. Good balance, good technique, and a great team player.  At times he looked ready to throw in the towel but he pressed on impressing.  When Pirlo went down injured in the Scudetto season it was Van Bommel and Ambrosini who picked up the slack.  In fact Ambrosini had anchored that midfield throughout his career in what turned out to be the difficult matches, not the glamorous ones.  The ones in the provinces where his timely goals turned losses to draws and draws to wins.  He never complained, always the good solider, and for that he was rewarded with nothing.

This can be his reward, a return home, one more season to be a mentor and a leader.  Give NDJ some rest and teach this team what it means to build again.  He was one of the new breed in 1997-1998, a new foundation and he can help do it again.  It can be his thank you and knowing Ambro he would probably even do it for a free! Ok, maybe I got ahead of myself but as he considers retirement someone at the front office should make the call.