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Balotelli Attracting Interest from Premier League Clubs

I have wavered and discuss this topic time and time again, but at the end of the day my feeling still stands.

Claudio Villa

There are two points on Balotelli that for me will never change.  The first, he can be the most exciting and talented individual on the pitch at any given moment.  The second, he is mentally incapable of being a Leader.  Those two traits make it very difficult for me to stump to have him on my Club team.  He is the perfect National team player, for a few months you watch him in all his glory and then he goes back to become someone else's problem.  The flaw in this statement is that he is AC Milan's problem and while his goals are never going to be the issue, everything else is.

For the second summer in a row his name is popping up for transfer.  For the second summer in a row, i am all for it, granted as long as it is in the region of 30M.  Now if Sideshow Bob, David Luiz, can go for as much as the rumors say he will, then Balotelli can fetch 35M.  Could it be Liverpool where he and Suarez will enter a room and only one will come out or will it be Arsenal who so desperately need a striker their kit sponsor Puma (also Balotelli's show sponsor) will pony up for a portion of the deal!?  The simple answer is sell, sell now, and with this season awful season even the complicated answer says sell...

As I said before, I love the guy, but from a distance.  When he is on your team week in and week out he infuriates.  He has a tendency to lose focus and ant any moment the Red Card cliche is an absolute reality.  More importantly he is not the player you build a team around, he is a compliment, a dash of crushed red pepper on an already perfect slice of pizza.  He will never be your foundation because mentally he can't handle that responsibility.  He also can suffocate those around him on the pitch, El Shaarawy for example struggle mightily.  Seedorf also struggled with him, not understanding that he is not the epitome of a single striker and his goals under the inexperienced Dutchmen diminished.

At the end of the day the whole thing, Club, bench, front office needs to be blown up and started fresh.  The easiest way to do that is with money and he is the most prized asset this Club has.  With money you can reinvest, with money you can make a mistake here and there with a player and recover.  This team needs not focus on a single star but to build through youth as it did in 1997-1998, few will remember but those that live that rebirth will never forget  The new AC Milan will not be built on Balotelli's shoulders, as he is incapable of such a responsibility, it needs to be spread across the backs of many.  The problem is sacrifices will need to be made to see that through and Mario may be the first...