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Vacancy! ....World renowned club down on its luck needs exciting and pragmatic Yes Man!

(Previous applicants need not apply)

Can this guy save us?
Can this guy save us?
Clive Rose

Two recent comments struck me recently relating to our Allegri, Seedorf replacement as news trickles out of Spain that Milan have been sniffing around Seveilla's Emery. His club just finished 5th as well as Europa Cup Winners.

Because i've been abit Emo about Milan lately i loved reading the following assessment from Bozz......

Fantastic, probably one of my favorite managers in the game

He has a habit of taking clubs who lost a ton of players and moulding the remaining ones into competitors. He guided Valencia to third a few years ago even though they were a financial dumpster fire and into a good European run. He did it again when they lost David Villa and Silva, had a short stint at Spartak and won the Europa this season. Awesome at man management and getting the very best out of his players, not to mention making the best out of crappy situations.

Behind Carlo and Simeone, probably the third best coach in Spain.

He sounds perfect no? (I mean Emery, not Bozz!):D

Now this kinda got my mind racing and my immediate thoughts were with Roma who hired a complete outsider who went about making Roma a tough nut to crack in a no nonsense type of way and wondered if we could maybe pull off the same? I mean, Emery just won the Europa, maybe he's just the coach we need? Then just as i started to run away with all the "What if...." questions inside my head Emo-Avia kicked in and reminded me of our current squad!

How good would ANY coach have to be able to come into Milan and turn a squad I not so long ago labelled as a "Shower of S#it" into a genuine threat for next season? True, we will see some changes to the squad to come  but currently still have dregs like Amelia, Constant, Mexshit, Binho et al. and as Gian will rightly point, you cant sell what no one wants. We might get rid of one or two but i dont see any wholesale changes coming into this squad this then leads to another comment, this time from Raf.....

I hate to keep banging on the negative but...

I’m really a generally positive guy, I promise I really am. However there isn’t really anything at all that’s making me optimistic for the near or intermediate future. B, G, or B&G, and their recent track record suggest more of the same is in store. With that, who really cares who the coach is?

by rafiosso on May 22, 2014

So here i find myself looking for slivers of hope to cling to then throwing them away in anger with worry that we still have bigger problems than just who the coach is for next season.

I wanted to ask how others felt, can a new coach turn this ship around? (remember the only way was up if we sacked Allegri!) or do you feel that we are destined to remain the quagmire until the boardroom finds a clear direction for this club?

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