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AC Milan Start of Tranfers Exodus and Rebuild?

The image is the new "Casa Milan," nice right? But not everyone gets an invitation to stay...

Marco Luzzani

On the weekend we can do our customary season wrap up and while there is plenty to talk about despite the result the silly season will most likely start early at AC Milan this year.  The image above is new facility for the Club's offices and if you wonder why there is no money, behold the structure, and this thing went up over night!  If anyone knows about building permits and process in Italy that means this was expensive and some wheels were "greased!"

Despite the preoccupation with if the Coach stays or goes and moving the offices into the fancy new building some players have already begun the process of renewing or leaving...

-Abbiati has resigned to June of 2015 and while I don't see any problem with this as Amelia is leaving it still doesn't answer who the future goalkeeper will be at AC Milan.  Agazzi? Marchetti? Perin? None of those guys will be free so does Milan invest, finally, or do we wait for the "promise" of Gabriel whose chances this season were blown in my opinion?

-Our loan boys, Rami and Taarabt, earned their stay in my opinion but will management agree?  More importantly will a new Coach agree?  Taarabt was a Seedorf hand pick and he may not want to stay if Seedorf goes.  Total for the two, 17M, total Milan wants to pay 8.5M.  Anyone that knows anything about negotiations knows this is posturing, but the reality may be that Milan has no more than 10M to spend on both.  This means a choice may have to be made, sadly Milan need the CB most but will buy Taarabt.

-Speaking of CB it looks like Mexes is primed to stay, despite his massive wages and inconsistent performances.  He had fallen in and out of favor this season and struggled in the biggest matches of the season.  The problem with a guy like Mexes is that you can't sell what nobody wants and while Wenger needs a CB almost as bad as Milan, it probably isn't enough to make a poor choice on Mexes.

-It would appear both Brazilian boys, Robinho and Kaka, could be headed to MLS.  Robinho linked to Orlando City and Kaka to RBNY or the LA Galaxy.  At this point this is most likely speculation but we may see an era of a Milan with less than 3 Brazilians on the roster, something that has not occured since the Golden era of the early nineties.  Is this is a product of the decline in Brazilian youth talent quantities or is it Milan's lack of scouting and signing ability?  Probably a bit of both...