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Matchday XXXVIII: Milan v Sassoulo

As I always say Milan find a way to take the long road and walk it, this season was no exception.


On Sunday Milan will welcome Sassoulo to the San Siro, this is fitting.  Fitting because it was Sassoulo that was Allegri's final match in charge and it may be the same for Seedorf.  The Milan brass had raked their self appointed Coach over the coals this past week and now they are doing a bit of a shuffle.  It doesn't matter what happens really, in the near term, it is the long term that matters and it will be a long and drawn out off season to discuss.

As for the match it happens to be pretty meaningless, a turn from last season's nail biter.  Granted a few things could happen and Milan could climb the table but when destiny is not in one's own hand it makes for a bit of a downer.  So we watch and enjoy the last match season for what's it worth.  So what it is worth?

Depends how you look at it, play all the youngsters!?  How about a lineup with Cristante, Saponara, and SES?  Sassuolo is safe while Milan is mired in mid-table what is there to lose?  In a World Cup year this won't be the last football your eyes see all summer and most of it will have the luxury of watching not one but two Spanish derbies with Atletico poised to take a spectacular double with two high profile scalps.  It will be an entertaining few months before the reality of the AC Milan of season will set in!