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Another Friday..........Another WTFFF!?!?!

Should these now be named WTF Friday Facepalms??

Kaka: "You guys know its ironic that im wearing a top that looks like the Brazil shirt yeah? You guys know I've not been called up yeah? Oh, you do?!"
Kaka: "You guys know its ironic that im wearing a top that looks like the Brazil shirt yeah? You guys know I've not been called up yeah? Oh, you do?!"
Claudio Villa


So for once the Milan Offside is in clear unanimous agreement, we're boned at the moment (note the date in the diary folks).

One way or the other we all agree that the club feels like it is pretty much on its knees with something major needed to get this giant of a club back up on its feet.

You know what doesnt look good? Begging. No one likes a beggar. No one takes a beggar seriously, you're viewed as a nuisance, best shunned lest you infect others with what ails you. Begging makes you look weak and leaves you looking desperate.

What am i referring to you ask?

Milan are apparently looking to pay Valencia only half of a previously agreed purchase fee for defender Adil Rami. Rami imo has been stellar. Okay, he aint written his name alongside Baresi, Maldini et al but compared to what he have had previously Yepes & Zaccardo etc Adil's actually been pretty decent imo.

So after taking the guy on loan with an agreement in place what do we do when we decide we want to keep him? We renege on what we have already agreed to, that's what! Now i like playing hardball, i prefer for us not to overpay for a player as is too easily done nowadays but this seems to smack more of a lack of professionalism that makes me feel that, yet again, the name of AC Milan is being besmudged.

I wonder whether when Fester walked into the last Champions League draw whether all the Arab owners gave each other a knowing look and sniggered as Fester walked by??

That might sound over dramatic but then take a look at Exhibit B your honour......

Adel Taarabt’s agent met with Milan today and could attempt to renew his loan from QPR, but links to Inter are "unfounded."

The Moroccan international has been impressive since joining the Rossoneri on loan in January and his buy-out clause is set at €7m.

Agent Kia Joorabchian met with CEO Adriano Galliani today and, according to Sky Sport Italia, Milan are requesting a discount to €5m or even less.

Now this is even more BS. Here is a guy whose signing had me spitting blood but then he proceeded to prove me wrong in pretty much every single match he has played in, within 5 mins of his 1st game he set the pitch alight and scored a goal soon after. The guy actually stands out head and shoulders over pretty much over the rest of the squad in terms of pure effort (Balo, take note!) and has been one of the few players who has been a damn near consistent threat to the opposition and his signing should be a "No-Brainer"....but no, we want to play hardball because we are:

A. Stupid!

B. Broke!

C.Making this up as we go along!

D. Did i mention stupid??

Talking of stupid, Berlus now appears to be backtracking on Seedorf??  Signing Seedorf in January was not a mistake,” Berlusconi has told Radio 24 today.


This was followed by this little gem......“He could stay, as long as he reaches an agreement with the club over his position. We will decide with the board after the game with Sassuolo."

So lets not back him one way or the other and just reinforce the notion that he is still dangling in the wind, because its not like Berlu or our management is out of touch is it?

Is it? Well some papers in Italy have reported that we think we might convince Ancelotti to come back, facepalm.

Thats right, someone, somewhere could be running around with the idea that he would even want to come back!

How did Carlo respond when these rumours where put to him?

“I think my future is quite clear,” he told a Press conference today. When asked by a reporter if that meant Madrid, he replied: “Yes.”

Now, i like to read between the lines and my heightened sense of inbetween-line-reading tells me what he really means is...."Go back to Milan? Are you stupid? I should be awarded a Champions League cup to take home and keep just for getting out when i did. Go back to Milan? Dont you know what is happening there? I should really slap you for asking such a stupid question, you know what? Maybe i will give Ibra a phone and ask him to pay you a visit!.........oh yeah make sure your sister is there too"

Anyway, thats my rant over, sorry for getting all Emo-Avia on you all but this might be me for the foreseeable future......unless Berlu sells up!