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Matchday XXXVII: Atalanta v Milan

I on the other hand am not the praying type so we let it ride.

Claudio Villa

We talked midweek about the chances of Europa League purgatory and what it means to the Club.  Milan are now sitting three points away from fifth place, it would appear the brass is pushing for it, while missing Europe may be the wake up call this Club needs.  From my standpoint after watching the Barbara/Fester debacle, learning that Seedorf has no clue tactically, and that we still have no money.  This things may need to be blown up after all. Dramatic, a tad, but I'm Italian and it's early.

As for the match, it is also early, 630 AM EST to be exact, so I get to have my coffee and Milan.  I am an early riser so for me it's perfect.  A match, an espresso followed by a bike ride and Mother's Day brunch!  The problem with such an early match is if things don't go well it ruins not just the afternoon but the entire day, then again after this season what is another loss or poor performance!?  The test on Sunday will continue to be who plays and if SES gets a nod.

I for one think SES should play; however, the 4-2-3-1 and the strange hybrid formation against Inter could complicate things.  Taarabt and Kaka have played quite a bit and working a 4-3-1-2 with Balo, SES, and Honda may not be a bad idea.  The 3 man can be Monty, NDJ, and Muntari.  Defense, well that crap shoot hasn't changed for a few weeks.   As sad as it is to say this, Kaka isn't going to Braziil so giving him a seat is not the end of the World.  This is a topic we can talk more about next week as this is a Word Cup year after all, but let's clear this weekend's match shall we?  See you bright and early.