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A Derby Preview

Is a Derby what we need right now??

One of these two needs to produce the goods!
One of these two needs to produce the goods!
Claudio Villa

Repeating what i said in my last post, i dont recall going into a Derby with fans more preoccupied with what's happening behind closed doors instead of worrying about what display their team will actually put in.

I have half an inkling that a Milan board meeting would currently match all the infighting on the Milan Offside right about now ........and then some!

From one corner of the massive boardroom table i imagine you would hear murmurs of "We should have kept Allegri" being drowned out by shouts of "Shut up your face old man.......we need to plan for the future!" being countered with cries of "Plan? What plan?! Without the money there can be no plan", with some poor sap sat in the middle holding his head in his hands and sobbing "Where is all our money going?" get the idea.

A derby is usually a good thing in that it forces all parties to throw what ails them behind their backs to get down to dealing with a bigger problem, similar to the way an arguing couple are forced to turn on the fake charm & and smiles when they unexpectedly get a knock at their front door and find their super annoying neighbours with a bottle of wine waiting to intrude.

Now, this will be Seedorf's 1st Derby as Milan manager (and maybe his last?) and im sure he will be going out there with something to prove and if this IS to be his farewell Derby then one can only assume that he will want to do the match justice and to prove to the doubting fans that he is someone worthy of the job and the right man to lead us next season?

But i dont think this this will be easy, last time we were holding onto a 0-0 until the 85th before we went behind and just last week Inter came away with a decent 0-0 to Napoli and feel that Mazza is beginning to get more of his identity on this team when we still seem to be gelling together, i thnk that right about now this tie suits Mazza more than it does Seedorf who feels like he is out on how own.

Last time out:

  • Both Curvas didnt have any choreography due to a falling out with the IFA
  • Saponara played (but was kinda timid)
  • We lost 0-1 (after a pretty slick back heel from Palacio)
  • We had a different coach
  • Inter were 5th in the league
  • Milan were 13th in the league

Sometimes when you are having a crappy season the Derby actually means alot more, i suggest you go through whatever your usual pre game ritual is, tune in and log onto the Milan Offside as a win against the merda would be like falling into an oasis and i think we could all about use some good mojo right about now.