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Genoa 1 Milan 2

Who Needs Pretty Football if You Get Results!?

Claudio Villa

First starters I have never been an advocate of pretty football. I have always valued results over everything else, and have gone so far as to say I would gladly champion what some call ugly football if it meant a title. The funny thing about this conversation is that what one considers ugly or pretty football is merely a matter of opinion and while I don't like Clarence or his football, I certainly like the results and while the last three matches all took a different tact to earn the victory, the fact of the matter is three victories in a row is something to cheer about.

Genoa were the better team today, stronger in possession, more clinical in the attacking third and certainly deserving of at least point. Milan has been in those situations before and have been on the losing side because the opponent simply takes it few changes and digs a bit deeper, and this what Milan did on this day. Before we talk about the positives it is important we discuss some of the challenges that plagued Milan today. Montolivo returned to the lineup and Genoa saw a tremendous amount of the ball in the middle of the pitch, something that didn't happen in his absence, and a concern I have had for a few weeks now. It wasn't just the midfield that proved fruitful for Genoa, the entire spine of Milan struggled as Kaka looked a bit gassed and the French connection at CB continues to make puzzling choices and mistakes. Earlier in the season Milan would have paid for these mistakes but on this day things worked in their favor.

Now it wasn't all bad, both goals were truly a thing of beauty. Sure it was individual beauty but as I say, the more things changes, the more things stay the same and the comment prior to Seedorf was that Milan never won because of team performances but on individual brilliance. Today the song remained the same. Taarabt incisive clinical cut inside is one of my favorite parts of the 4-2-3-1. The CB drags the CB and the attacker cuts ins and fires across goal! A plus execution. As for the second it was much of the same, and no surprise Honda got his first goal not floundering on the wing but straight down the center of the pitch. 2-0 Milan and it proved to much as Milan hung on despite a late cracker from Genoa.

It was Monday night football, and Milan were the victor. Three straight victories to be exact. Sure we can talk bout the football or someone can explain what Seedorf has shown in terms of progress, or we can bask in the nine points out of nine!