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AC Milan Transfer News and Rumors

I received a tweet this morning following a night of Bulleit and my hangover has lended to some rambling.

@ACMilanOffside @ACMilanChicago exactly.... So how many big time players do you know that will want to come play at Milan? #rebuild
4/4/14, 9:38 PM

I received this tweet after a night of drinking that started early and ended to late.  Truth be told most good nights of drinking start and end that way, but this tweet got me thinking.  Maybe it's the headache talking, but the answer is ZERO. Not because player's don't want to play for Milan but because the Circus doesn't attract big time players, it attracts freaks, oddities and deviants.  I have been saying this is a Circus for a long time now, but now I understand the roster here.

There was a time in the not so distant path that player's would rather sit on the bench at Milan then to play for other Clubs.  Simply to bask in the glory of the Red and Black, and no I am not talking about guys like Constant!  Milan once had not 11 solid starters but 22, and they could complete on any front.  The Club was not a circus of CEOs, a carousel of a Coach's, an injury nightmare, or a transient of Office moves.  It was the pillar of stability, Italy's shining star and now it is nothing but a punchline.

So to answer the tweet above, no "big time" players will come to play at Milan because they no longer carry themselves like a big time Club.  Instead they have attracted that next tier of players that may be capable of occasional talent but are more prone to the occasional mental mishap.  Mexes, Constant, Emanuelson, Boateng, Cassano, Taarabt and even Balotelli.  Players who have worn out welcomes at more than a single Club called Milan home and instead of acting like a Big Club attracting true top talent, the sort that can win both mentality and physically, they are the home of wayward players.  A half-way house where the truly spectacular move on to bigger better things while the the lost souls remain in the Red and Black. Abate, DeSciglio, and SES will most likely be sold in favor of the likes mentioned above. They will be better for it and we will be worse.