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Something’s amiss at Milan!!

I smell a stank coming from Y.O.U!

You have to feel for him
You have to feel for him
Paolo Bruno

A run of wins against teams we should be able to beat followed by a loss to a team we would have been lucky to taken even a draw from, no surprises for me either way to be honest.

I cant begrudge the loss to Roma, Max or Seedorf, we couldn’t really have expected to win imo but that’s not what I want to talk to you guys (and gals) about. Soon after Dorfs appointment I stated that I was essentially viewing the run up to the summer as an early pre-season and suggested others did the same, try not read too much into results but don’t completely ignore what’s going on out there either.

What worries me currently is something more sinister, although I’ve not been around lately I had picked up on "chatter" that Seedorf has maybe already lost favour within the Milan hierarchy.

I smell something rotten within Milan. Badly rotten.

Although for some Seedorf may not be a bona fide Legend I think we all agree that he has done more than enough to be a player who would get backing from the "higher ups" once he took charge.

Every knew that Max was a Galliani guy, hence Fester would always roll out the stat sheet in defence of his under-fire coach, which makes it more telling when he stays quiet when Seedorf seems to be in the media cross hairs. I think most seemed to agree that Seedorf was probably a Team Babs choice……she kinda blew that idea away with her recent comment about keeping on Seedorf her response was as follows… "No comment. These decisions aren’t up to me."." hmm.

Seedorf appears to be all on his own at the moment and it makes me think that again we just don’t have a clear plan laid out.

With Seedorf in place I don’t mind him getting a fair crack at the job, my only stipulation was that he is backed by both the club as well as by Berlus wallet. This appears not to be happening, rumour control has it that Seedorf is as good as gone, do we laugh, point and snigger at the "lame duck" coach? No. we don’t.

If Seedorf goes it simply means ANOTHER coach coming in and we have yet ANOTHER Year Zero. We will get more band aid, temporary fix players and a new coach to try and lump them all together, facepalm.

This all goes back to Papa Belru, I think that I genuinely want the guy to sell up, we are in danger of being left in the dust next season and I for one am getting sick of the fact that we seem totally clueless. The tussle between Fester & Babs was going to be poisonous from the start and will also ensure that we will always be pulling in two different directions which can only stifle any true change in direction when we really need it most.

We go into the Derby this weekend and I cant remember the last time I was less interested in what was about to take place on the San-Siro pitch as I am in what the heck is going on in the boardroom.

I’m getting a sickly feeling and it might be due to that coaching merry go round slowly starting up….you were already warned this might happen remember!?