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Roma 2 Milan 0

Under Max Allegri Milan were called flat track bullies and the criticism was that he had no big Club scalps, except of course Inter, Juventus, Napoli and so on. What does Seedorf have? Nothing of the sort.

Paolo Bruno

I was on a plane from Detroit to Hartford when the Roma v Milan match started so thanks to the magic of gogo in-flight wireless I was able to follow along with the gamecast.  Following on game cast is always interesting as you are getting a single perspective and stats in real time.  Now stats don't always tell the whole story and while Milan hung in with shots on goal, possession told a different story.  In fact one could say Milan looked capable early in the match but with this collection of players is pressed they crumble faster than a cookie in the hands of a five year old.

To be fair to Seedorf it was a losing proposition early on with NDJ out of action. Now Muntari is no slouch, but the Kaka, Honda, Taarabt trident was not a corner stone of the winning streak.  The defense featured Constant and Bonera against Gervinho and Ljajic meant things were going to get tough.  They did and once they did the team had no answers in the execution department an the Coach had no answer in the tactics department.  One thing hasn't changed under Seedorf and that is the formation and while it's deployment has shown more balance over the course of the winning streak on this day; but when it was needed most it didn't show up.  In fact neither did Mario Balotelli and his sub created some havoc both during the match and after in the post match, so instead of a hard fought draw to keep the streak alive, there is now a regression of epic proportion and the questioning begins one earnest.

Will Balotelli be Pool's biggest purchase?  Do any of these players merit a continued spot not this team?  Can Seedorf truly motivate and be a leader of men?  Is Roma that much more superior than AC Milan?  Depending on who you ask and when you get all kinds of answers...when Max was in charge the answer was no, now suddenly you get a yes.  Seems like there will be plenty to discuss this week as we work towards the Derby against fifth place Inter.