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Matchday XXXV: Roma v Milan

For the last three seasons Roma at the Olimpico has been the bogey, will this five game winning streak be different?

Claudio Villa

Last season it was Mother's Day and Muntari was unable to get in the spirit and Milan couldn't get a victory.  The season before that it was Roma that ruined an unbeaten run and in the Scudetto season it was Milan's first loss since matchday one on a Borriello goal!  The point is going to Roma has never been a favorite for AC Milan, no matter the Coach or the circumstance.

I do; however, have a stronger sense of confidence in the way the team is playing mostly due in part to the balance.  Sure they are not the slick passing offensive juggernaut we were promised, which is fine by me.  Instead you are seeing some efficiency and while no one will call this team pretty it has been effective. Turning the screws against Livorno and dispatching Catania are small victories and for those who griped that Milan couldn't beat a big team before Seedorf needs to make sure they amend that statement.  Friday could be a chance and while Roma is a not per se a Serie A powerhouse they had an impressive run and are further up the table.  They have lost some momentum and while many were ready to appoint Rudi Garcia the second coming, his tactics proved solvable and his team proved a bit incapable of keeping that pressure on.  All and all, it was true Roma!

As for Milan seems everyone is contributing, even Robinho proved a fox in the box despite being unable to finish on the weekend.  It is a good spot to be in and Seedorf can pull on a few different players to make this work.  I don't expect many changes but the SES watch continues.  Does he play this Friday?  It remains to be seen but we get closer to that post-injury debut each match.  Balotelli remains a crucial figure but the Milan defense will need to be sharp against a Roma team with good balance and pace.  If Milan can remain discipline in the center of the park and find Balotelli in dangerous areas or Kaka to feet around the 18 this should be a strong match.  I would say a draw at Roma is a small victory but after this many in a row, let's keep it going.