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AC Milan News and Transfers: Wednesday Milan Musings

A news round up coming to you live from "sunny' Seattle.

Claudio Villa

First and foremost apologies for being MIA, I am back in Seattle for the next two weeks.  For those that don't know I don't enjoy the rainy Pacific Northwest all that much from a work standpoint and trying to watch a CL game at lunch time is also a pain, but making due.

-Speaking of CL, it was nice to see Chelsea execute the Italian draw away game plan to perfection.  It was odd to see Atletico with so much possession it was almost like they didn't want. Well played by Mourinho and I am afraid that the get a draw away mentality will go down in history not as a Italian, but as a Mourinho phenomenon.

-The standard Astori links have returned.  I for one do not see how this happens when the other half of Rami seems to be to much for Milan who stand to spend 18M on half of players on squad as it is if they want to keep them (Taarabt, Poli and Rami).  The statement continues to be Milan must make money but Barbara keeps flapping her lips and i don't see any actions to merit, in this case talk is cheap but so is Milan.

-Speaking of Taarabt he has been a model citizen at AC Milan and quite a solid player.  He does have a strange view of himself though and said he aims to have fun on the pitch and put on a show.  I sort like him and his attitude, that is what attackers are supposed to be and do, and in his case he has worked off the ball when needed.

-Leonardo continues to be that creepy that ex-girlfriend who runs into your friends at a bar and tells doesn't let go of how things ended and then proceeds to remind you she has moved onto better things.  The trick is, so did we! This time he felt Milan didn't treat keep him in the loop, oh well.

-DeSciglio had a weird article saying he was flattered by interest from other Club's and if the teams needs to make money he gets it.  Sounds almost like saying I am OK to walk away from this Project!?  The point is young players were supposed to get a shake with Clarence but he has actually taken that a step backward, now I am not one to argue or demand for the inclusion of youth for the sake of it, especially if they are not playing well but DeSciglio has regressed under Seedorf and it seems he acknowledges that with his words.