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Milan 3 Livorno 0

If getting back to good means being flat track bullies first, so be it. You can't win a Title if you don't beat the Provinces!

Claudio Villa

DiCarlo said it best post-match, if Livorno continues to play this way they will not remain in Serie A. It was a much different Livorno and Milan took full advantage of them. The current Milan does not like to be pressed or attacked, so the fact that DiCarlo started off keeping his men packed in behind the ball only opened things up for AC Milan to do what they do they best, miss chances!

It was a given considering Robinho got the start but he looked a man possessed and while he got himself into great spots he couldn't finish. Balotelli and Taarabt; however, had no issues and Pazzini added a third late on. The key to the match though was that Milan simply outplayed Livorno in every aspect of the match. Possession, chances, and defense, Milan took the sword to a inferior opponent who appeared closer to Holiday than to the pitch. Paulinho who proved a beast against Mexes and Zapata in the last fixture did next to nothing without service or help from his teammates. Montolivo had another good performance and the match proved an opportunity to get rest for Balotelli and NDJ as Milan controlled the match and tempo.

I hope everyone enjoyed the match as well as the 5 game winning streak. As the season draws to a close the momentum and confidence is crucial to the team and players. I also wish everyone who celebrates a Happy Easter holiday and hope you can spend time with family and friends.