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AC Milan Transfer News and Headlines

Seedorf good as gone, transfer window already begun and 100 years of Berlusconi...

Claudio Villa

This week's news round up is a all over the map!

-The first, a gem if you think about it, says Seedorf is as good as gone. Not because he hasn't really fixed Milan's problems are magically claim Milan now has balance as he talks about beautiful football in the next sentence. In fact it is because his and Galliani's relationship has broken down! Rumor has it the spat is because Clarence wasn't going to play Monty from the start, go figure!? Can you imagine a Club with meddling Owners and CEOs, that is unheard this day and age. It's OK though because Fester says he is leaving, granted he is only half a CEO anyway. The sooner Seedorf leaves the faster we can hire Donadoni who will promptly say you can take that job and shove it!

-Speaking of Galliani he has said he wishes Berlusconi another 100 years as President. This scares me two fold, first is it means any money he would invest in the Club will now be poured into finding the fountain of youth and continued plastic surgery. Second, we have to endure Berlusconi for another 100 years! What bothered me most about the rumor was the constant rhetoric about how we should be happy for what he has done, now I for one get it. I do appreciate the past, but I am worried we have no vision of the preset or future.

-On a more serious note, El Shaarawy is gaining some early transfer market interest. The report says Napoli and Torino are interested among other Clubs; however, he wants to remain and do well at Milan. The alarming thing about about the report is I can understand when Clubs like PSG and Man City roll in with piles of money but if Milan is now competing for player retention against the likes of Torino and Napoli that poses a problem. More so is this idea that we can swap him for Cerci. Truth be told from El Shaarawy's perspective we have no idea what Clarence has in store for him and seeing how he plays Honda wide and Kaka central it would appear that we may see SES at CB!? I kid, but the natural spot is Taarabt's but that may harm balance and may dramatically reduce his goal output at the kid has a tendency to work the opposite of the ball. Moving him and Balotelli up top with Honda in the hole could be inviting but that would violate the incredibly rigid 4-2-3-1 or bust mentality in place at the moment. I guess only time will tell...