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Matchday XXVII: Udinese v Milan

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This week it is a zebra of a different variety.

Marco Luzzani

A few weeks ago Milan was bounced out of the Coppa Italia by this very Udinese. An early lead was squandered as Milan couldn't execute on defense and the finishing was not there. Sounds like a familiar theme and with Atletico midweek Seedorf will have to play a balancing act relying on players who can't suit up in the CL as well as those who have given him help up to now. Udinese do coming in limping, win less in their last five but last weekend's demoralizing lost to Juventus will surely weight on AC Milan. Momentum is needed for midweek and this one, historically, has never been easy.

My Milan lineup for today...

Abbiati; Abate, Rami, Zaccardo, DeSciglio; Montolivo, NDJ; Urby, Honda, Taraabt: Balotelli

Balo has been deemed fit despite reports that he was not taking his recovery seriously, imagine that, a player not heeding the Doctor's advice!? Surely the Coach is to blame! Montolivo remains suspended in the CL and Honda is ineligible, they must start. Urby may be an interesting test on the wing to counter act Udine's width and Taraabt has quite simply been a star. See you at high noon!