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Snap Judgment Review - Milan 0 Juventus 2

The title says it all, I wrote this post match, and I am fuming. A proper review will come, and it won't be so confrontational. Take this as fair warning, I am going to take some shots..

Claudio Villa

I am pissed, I feel I have earned the right to be. I may regret this post a few years down the line if Clarence hoists Ol'Big Ears or a Scudetto as a Coach, but from where I am sitting I don't see that happening...

Things were supposed to be different, the last guy was slammed weekly for not beating the big teams, for player's getting hurt and not finishing. For the team have to much possession and nothing to show for it, now I sit here a few weeks later and I see the same old shit. Yet somehow I feel like I am the last one willing to say it! I saw some glimmers of hope against Ateltico and Sampdoria but they were fleeting, like flashes in an otherwise dark season. I also still contend that this team is poor, average, and I can't heap this all on Seedorf's shoulders. The problem I have now is that nothing has changed from a execution standpoint, but now the formation is working against the team to boot.

Defensively today, both goals were shambolic. Rami who had earned praised last week let Lichensteiner walk by, Abate couldn't mark if his life depended on it and if you watch the first goal you see a specter of Montolivo chasing with his face to goal, awful. The second goal was no better and the defensive issues will compound as the team presses toward an ideology of play that will destroy the balance it once had.

Yes, Milan had chances today, they always create chances, but do they finish them? No, not really, yet now they are praised for creating them whereas before they were lambasted for not creating enough!? It's a hypocritical issues as much as a tactical one. The single striker isn't working, Kaka is exposed over and over again and if it weren't for Poli's tenacity today, and against Ateltico, or Taarabt willingness to dribble the striker would be an island. A lonely island where even the CB's could leave him alone. When Balotelli plays it is actually worse, as he mixes into the midfield line and the team suffers even more. It is painful watching Kaka working his tail off, and while he is a specter of what he was, his old pal is not letting him use whatever talent he has left even though he has the personnel.

At the end of the day, the players still hold a lot of fault here, but now the formation isn't doing them any favors either...