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AviA in U-Turn shock!

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Sometimes you need to 'fess up!

"Can i borrow your wig in the winter?" Seedorf preps for a polar vortex
"Can i borrow your wig in the winter?" Seedorf preps for a polar vortex
Claudio Villa

We currently sit 10th in the table and are only 6 points away from 5th. It's not exactly going to quell the "But we are Milan" section but its definitely a marked improvement over where we were a few months back. Heck, im just happy to be racking up wins every second game truth be told!

It appears that we are indeed seeing an "uptick" which i had previously poo-pooed, if the game against Samp  is anything to go by then we def seem more of a "team". Something the BT commentators rightly pointed out was that way the players were constantly referring back to Seedorf during any interruption to play showing that he is def getting comfy on his new post and the players are genuinely getting behind their new coach.

I want to be realistic and say that its not the exact turnaround some had promised hoped for but I have to say looking at yesterdays game against Juve showed that things are definitely coming together.

We seem to becoming more of a "team" as opposed to the leaderless patch-work quilt that this team has slowly become over the last 2-3 seasons .

Seedorf: No more Abate in the midfield? Check! Good, Willy Wonka knows when to experiment and when to play it safe. Yesterdays set up was spot on imo with the only inclusion i didnt like (Urby) being justified with De Scig being out and Abate at RB. We still have a long way to go but things are starting to look like they might becoming together. I felt even the double pivot (which i though was gona open us up to a slaughter) looked to be functional with both Monty & NDJ looking pretty comfortable. If anything im actually a little buoyed by our performance yesterday and it gives me some hope for the Athleti game in Spain but these are all just baby steps imo. One thing i will reiterate is that as well as time, more importantly Seedorf will need Berlu to back him with that Billionaire wallet of his. I have my fingers crossed for this summer.

Taarabt: Damn you man! You mouth off against my team a year before you get here and what do you do when you finally show up? You play like your life depends on it and you know what? Its making you stand out head and shoulders from the rest of the team. He's easily been a candidate for MOTM for most of the games he's played in since he arrived and is making guys like me and Boban who rubbished his signing look like idiots each weekend. Keep it up Taarabt and i might even buy your shirt at the end of the season (if we keep you that it is!)

(PS: anyone else think that for a guy wearing a facemask to protect his nose Pazzo seemed to challenge for aerial balls a bit too much??)