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Lazio 1 Milan 1

The point was absolutely crucial and normally I wouldn't care on how we got there, but this was ugly.

For many it was the Kaka show, the problem was it wasn't much of a show! While it was evident from the first minute that this team was setup to simply hang on for dear life, Kaka took it upon himself to push the issue. Milan were neither lucky nor good on this day and it was Lazio more hard done by the result, but Milan did prove something on this day. They can get a result and one point is better than none.

The arrival of Seedorf meant "beautiful" football the kind where passing is valued above defense and the ball moves east to west to mesmerize the audience making them forget that the frailty at the back. That football lasted for a few minutes in a few matches, but the end result has been ugly losses and leaking goals. Yesterday Seedorf's
"pretty" football proved downright ugly and while I am for an ugly win, I can't remember a match in which Milan didn't even manage a proper shot on the frame, outside of the own goal to earn the draw.

The lineup remained puzzling and while Seedorf alluded to two striker the ruse ended on Saturday when he decided to play Pazzini and "drop" Balotelli. The reason for the drop remains a mystery that will occupy the minds of many until the trip to Firenze. The same can be said for Taarabt, a Seedorf favorite, who didn't see the pitch yesterday. Maybe it was as simple as rest, but for a team who was now supposedly "behind' it's Coach, this was a poor display. If this is what a team supporting it's leader looks like, what does a team that doesn't!? Mexes and Constant were starters and the Honda wing play remains a mystery, at least Kaka showed where he is best suited to play as he operated mainly out wide.The biggest surprise no Urby, who surely starts on Wednesday.

When it was all over Milan were simply incapable of holding a Lazio squad who can surprise, but on this day was simply off. Candreva owned his flank, and it would appear Seedorf's constant switching of DeSciglio and Abate is ruining the both of them. Our two best defenders now appear like deer in headlights and are probably discussing moves away from Milan as we speak. The mission doesn't get easier and Milan are now in mini ritiro ahead of the match against Florence. Fresh off a win against Napoli this team is miles ahead of Milan on the pitch and in the table. Will it be Seedorf's last match in charge or will he deploy a hang on for dear life formation to extend his tenure another week? In turn extending our grief and Milan's regression, I guess we find out Wednesday.