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WTF Friday: Accountability For the Lost Season at AC Milan

It seems money isn't the only thing missing at AC Milan nowadays.

I defined up that word for a reason, but let's give a minute to play out.

It remains to be seen if Seedorf's comment to the Ultras in their closed door meeting a few days back is true:
"Seedorf has told us that he doesn’t want 3/4 of the current Milan players in the squad."

I think this the beginning of the end for Clarence Seedorf as Coach of AC Milan, an end that really has already started, and end that will not be swift and quiet! It will instead turn Milan into a circus further compounding the problems that plague the team and front office, but from a Coaching standpoint, I think Seedorf broke the cardinal rule. Now he didn't just break it in this meeting he has broken in just about every press conference he has had all season, this guy simply can't be accountable!

noun: accountability
the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

In Coaching, as well as general management, it is understood that you being the leader means you occasionally take a bullet for the team. In my new role at work I am the customer facing and customer focal, when the they are happy they come to me and while I don't have my hand in the entire output I do not and will not throw my team under the bus for schedule slips or deliverable misses. The same can be said when I coached, as many times as I wanted to blame Player X for a mistake when a parent or Club Official was complaining about results I grinned and bared the pain. You do it because at the end of the day, while the players or team must execute, and they very well may be at fault, you are the leader you take the hit.

It is important you take the hit not to save their bacon, you do it to earn their respect and trust. No General is going to blame his troops for losing a battle because he needs those guys to put their lives on the line and while football or the office is not so dire the principal remains the same. If you don't have the trust of your team you can't be successful. Seedorf has broken the cardinal rule.

Now I am not going to sit here and claim bum's like Mexes don't deserve this sort of treatment, what Clarence said is true, but you say that behind close doors and to their faces. You tell them so they know they are playing for their place and until they earn your respect you are on the list. But to go and air that in public undermines the inner works of a team and makes it impossible for these guys to be focused and engaged a problem that was present on this team. Yell at them, berate them, call them awful, but when the camera is on you say what any Coach is supposed to say. Things like we need to execute better as a group, I know the formation isn't working so we will tweak x and y, so and so had an off game I will keep a closer eye on him in training...the coach euphisms are endless, and all better fluffy answers than the quote above.

The problem at Milan though is not just lack of accountability with the Coach or even the players. This is an epidemic all the way at the top. We are in situation because our Owner went AWOL and cut off the funds, he let his daughter run amok and what was once one the most respected and revered Club's in the World is a back page tabloid staple. This simply needs to stop.