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AC Milan News and Transfers

Milan must "roll up their sleeves" but keeping quiet wouldn't hurt either.

- Seedorf has two games, personally it is two games to many, to right this ship or he will be the shortest tenured Milan Coach in history.  A dubious honor for a Club who has gone from revered to revolting.  I didn't have high hopes for Clarence based solely on his lack of tactical experience.  What has ensued after is downright embarrassing.  The interviews, the leaked quotes, and the comments are all the mark of child, not a professional.  Many have forgotten that Seedorf, like Leo, was loved by the Brass but that love wasn't share by all involved.  The sooner we move away from this nightmare the better.

- He is however trying to hang on and step one is get rid of the his horrific 4-2-3-1 experiment.  It seems he reads the blog because he is claiming he will go two strikers from the start, more on that this week, and more on Clarence tomorrow.

- If he doesn't hang on another name as been added to the Coaching bucket...Luciano Spalletti!  The former Roma man was a Club favorite and front runner before moving to Russia and now that he is been replaced by a bigger sham of a Coach it helps Milan in two ways.  Keeps AVB far away, and frees up Spalletti who joins Prandelli, Donadoni and Pippo as candidates.  My vote is with Don Roberto, but the options are there to TRULY improve this Club with a proper tactician instead of Leo Version 2.0.

- Seems like everyone who has ever touched the Club is now out in full force from Sacchi to Maldini, and Carletto and Boban in between!  None of the remarks have been pretty and further compounding the problems that are in place right now.  Some have backed Galliani while others have not, this two CEO debacle isn't going to be resolved any time soon and it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter.  Sacchi said Milan must "roll up their sleeves" but keeping quiet wouldn't hurt either.

- As the Club declines further the fire sale rumors will start with the first being Balotelli.  I talked about his need for a partner and been adamant that while I believe him to be talented he lacks the mentality to become what many want and expect.  The newest rumor is Monaco to join the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal.  I no longer believe that players exist for one Club, the days of Maldini and Baresi are over, and Mario may in fact come and go.  If that is the route the Club take so be it, the money needs to be reinvested properly.  Strikers are not like defenders, which is why...

-The DeSciglio rumors give me a bit more grief.  While I never expect him to be come the Legend Maldini was, selling our prized defensive assets, the few we have, is a bad move.  Selling Silva hurt far more than Zlatan and if both Abate and DeSciglio go come summer the entire backline will need an overhaul.  This terrifies me as our management is simply incapable of buying defenders, they have always had the luxury of Milan raising them.  The latest rumor is Mattia to Madrid, Carletto needs to lay off!