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Milan 2 Parma 4

I spoke about the direction of where this Club should go, and he didn't disappoint.

Claudio Villa

The red card was unfortunate, and we can someday discuss the true need for an expulsion and the PK as you lose a player and it ultimately changes the match. At one-nil down Seedorf had some choices and what he did after the red card set the stage for the match, and ultimately the loss.

What I am about to do is easy, it is easy because it is hindsight, and as much as I hate being a hindsight genius, it is a necessary exercise because at the moment of the red card Seedorf had the exact same knowledge points, if not more, as everyone else. His choice to remove a member of the dual pivot and drop Montolivo back to create a 4-2-3 opened up space for Parma, exposed the defense and led to a domino effect of odd substitutions. I have always said that execution during the match was on the players, but if you don't have the right players out there to execute then what? When Abbiati was ejected Seedorf was staring at the likelihood of being both a goal and a man down, he had a plethora of options, and instead he opted for the one that made the least sense. While a far more drastic move, removing removing Kaka or Montolivo could have given the team a defensive posture and allowed a morph into a 3-5-1. Sounds crazy, but with Abate and Urby on pitch you can slot NDJ or Essien into the back line while providing pressure with the other, in turn putting guys on the wings to track Parma's width and while also clogging up the space that Cassano and Amauri decided would be theirs. Yes it is in hindsight, but Seedorf doesn't see the next tactical move before he makes it travesty for a coach. If that was to risky, why not reshape the midfield in to a three man and play 4-3-1-1? The choices were there, how he deployed was simply incorrect.

Even more painful though was that he continued with a single striker prior to the match and even with a man down Balotelli proved more useful and lively with a partner. Everyone got on Balo's case midweek, rightfully so, but the answer to much of the problems rest with the deployment. Starting Mexes was a problem from the start and if it weren't for the Frenchman's space cadet of a move Abbiati may have not been hung to dry, again all hindsight.

The real beauty of this match was to see how well a true Coach scouted and prepared his team. While beating Milan at home is no longer the feat it was once, in fact under Clarence beating Milan is a rather simple prospect. 7 losses in twelve matches, the future looks bleak, that is of course assuming management continues on with this charade they are calling AC Milan. The paper's said if he couldn't manage Europe league qualification he would be canned, this loss to Parma makes in nearly impossible, best to fire him now and hand the reins to Tassotti to warm the seat for Don Roberto.