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Matchday XXIX: Milan v Parma

In 1999 Zaccheroni won a Title but never gelled with the brass, Milan underwent some turmoil until the reins were handed to a former player and the new Milan was born. History Repeats...

Marco Luzzani

I have always had a soft spot for Donadoni, maybe because he came to play for the Metrostars and we went to almost all the games! We used to wait for him after the matches and he appeared genuinely happy to see us and speak Italian for a few moments as it seemed he missed it being stateside. Maybe I have a soft spot for him because him and my father can pass for twins, doesn't matter really. The point is Milan's future comes to visit on Sunday and if they are smart they will pay close to attention.

If it is abundantly clear, Seedorf should be canned, he is in way over his head and the direction this Club is heading with youth and fiscal responsibility they need a proper a tactician not a cheer leader. Take nothing away from what Seedorf did as a player, and while I never will hold him in the highest regard of true Red and Black heroes who were born and raised in the colors, he did help define an era and for that I thank you, but a proper Coach he is not.

Donadoni is the polar opposite, battle hardened at Livorno and Napoli, he has found true success at Parma and isn't because of high priced stars and transfer magic. In fact it is sort of the opposite, make do with what you have, work hard, and employ strong tactics. Parma doesn't play the prettiest football, and while you couldn't call it negative football, it may not the ideology so many lust after, but after Milan's last three games of sure we played better but didn't win I will gladly take the Parma way any day. The proof is in the table and while they cement a place in the Europa league their record on the year and goal differential are a testament to what practical football can do for you.

What Donadoni has done should earn him Coach of the year honors but more importantly a spot on the Milan bench. His assembly of youth and abilit to build a team around what he has instead of a silly notion of how he wants to play is a mark of true tactician. He also understands that each matches requires a different tactic and outlook and his team is always prepared and while they may not always win, their loss prevention is superb with only five on the season. Couple the added benefit of his longstanding relationship with Galliani and Berlusconi and you now have perfect scenario to push this Club forward the right way. That is if the Club can get out of it's own way for a minute.