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WTF Friday: Where do We Go From Here?

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It was nearly seven years ago to the day I took this blog over, my how times have changed...

Denis Doyle

Almost seven years ago to the day I took over this blog and my how different that season was. I took over as Milan marched to Athens to avenge the worst loss in my then 18 years of fandom. They had just embarrassed Manchester United and the specter of Gattuso standing over CRON still remains strong in my memory. Sure we had just lost Shevchenko and Dinho was on the horizon but it was a solid time to support the Club. We all know what happened next, Milan postponed a crucial rebuilding and hung on to long to some Senators and when push came to shove it was Max Allegri who provided the nuclear option after taking the reins from Leonardo. For those around for Leonardo, it was a dark time and depending on what happens with Clarence those two may prove the biggest or second biggest failure this Club has seen in ten years!

I celebrated a Scudetto in 2011, the only other piece of silverware outside of the CL in my years of blogging! It was a great Title, the first in seven years and the balance of the team and the dynamic of that team was one of the best in ages. A cracking goal differential a strong core and some efficient football, what more can you ask for! That joy however was fleeting and when money troubles were brought to the forefront the core of this team, the foundation on which it was built, was sold and the fringe pieces were know papered into the core. This was the first of many mistakes that mark the last three years. Not cashing in on the Pato sale and the coup between Barbara and Galliani are two others that come to mind, but what once was a rock of a Club is now a Circus and frankly an embarrassment at times. i don't use the word embarrassment lightly, and I understand what it means, but I don't intend to take it back. I am not embarrassed by the Colors or what this Club means to me, even in Serie C that would never change. What I am embarrassed is how it is being run.

The management debacle that occurred earlier this season was a farce and the fact that it actually did happen shows you how poorly run this Club is from the absolute top. I have the utmost respect and admiration for what Silvio Berlusconi has done for this Club but I don't believe he or anyone else in his family has the proper mentality to continue. While a sale comes with added variables of failure and I am not set on walking that path just yet, giving the reins to Barbara is a big no-no. The same can be said for sticking with Seedorf.

Apart from the fact that honeymoon period is over, it is clear as day that he is in way over his head. His lack of tactics and the Club's lack of identity are not helping and if this team is going to move forward with fiscal control and youth he is not the man for the job. Same can be said for much of the players around him. I have spoken numerous times on Balotelli and while he can be mentored and ushered along, the rest of the team has problems far beyond attack. The defense is dire need of a refresh and the midfield spine needs help as well with Kaka fading and Honda yet to be used in the middle to prove success or failure.

I didn't write this to bring doom and depression, I wrote it more as tell all and chance to air my grievances. I have seen a lot in these seven years, and more in the 25 in which I have been a fan. But this is the first time that I really truly believe Milan is at a cross roads. Oil money, financial fair play, and the decline of Serie A...these are all factors that go far beyond anything I have experienced over the years. The point being MIlan is not progressing or evolving while others around them do and while Coaches or players provide temporary pain or relief, it will be the lack of progress that eventually destroys Milan.