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AC Milan January Transfer Window Recap

I remember a time when Milan's transfer policy was to buy nothing but the best, now it is about collecting players and not in the Man City sense!

Enrico Locci

I know the transfer window ended last Friday, but it was important we devote the weekend to Seedorf's third game in charge in the visit from Torino. It also gives a chance for the dust to settle on the transfer window. For Milan it was one of quantity not quality in my opinion. Our illustrious management did nothing in terms of shrinking the bloating squad, and while a few players were brought in to suit the 4-2-3-1, none of the issues plaguing the team were addressed.

Watching Rami and Bonera struggle in 1 v 1 defending situations reminded me how amazing true "stopping" defenders can be. A block tackle, out of nowhere, 1 v 1. No cover, no nonsense, jockey the logs shuffle the feet and BAM, striker doesn't even know what hit him. Instead we get Bonera turned inside out and Rami having to do the sort of tackle that gets youth players benched and professionals red carded. It isn't pretty, but it seems to be an issue for no one. While I do agree that wingers are in fact crucial to the 4-2-3-1, signing a single one isn't going to make a difference. With players like Cerci available, who can instantly slot in and provide an upgrade, Milan turned to Taraabt and more bargain bin buys. The reason, you ask? Money and with Milan having none, a loan and a free purchase are about all you can excited about.

Some media outlets have given the transfer window a B- obviously taking into consideration the piece of business that brought in Honda and Rami. Both free transfers, and while on paper are improvements from an ability standpoint. A cup-tied Honda and a rusty Rami have yet to prove the justification of the grade. It doesn't help that Honda is deployed on the flank instead of the middle, something Seedorf must address, but the player himself seems unable to grasp defending in Italy, but alas it is far to early to judge. He has done well to get himself into good areas but the cringe worthy finishing and the unwillingness to challenge his man is puzzling. Rami showed us he is shaking the rust off on the weekend, but are two bone-headed Frenchmen the answer at the back, I don't think so.

What Milan really needed was a strong veteran CB, and a real impact winger. What Milan really got was an aging midfielder a few years to late and a whiny winger who prefers foot work over hard work on the pitch. The window was a C at best, but I am happy to swallow to my pride and proved wrong on this one.