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Same Ol' Situation: 10 Questions to Ponder as Milan Share the Spoils with Torino

Get your opinions're going to help us answer a few questions.

Claudio Villa

It wasn't any much better compared to what we have been seeing as of late, although it wasn't a loss, either.

Milan was able to salvage a 1-1 draw at the San Siro against Torino this past Saturday, but it really wasn't pretty.

The team started out fine, and they do most of the time until about halfway into the first half of play. Another costly defensive error allowed Ciro Immobile to sink in a strike that put the visitors ahead after 20 minutes.

Torino goalkeeper Daniele Padelli denied Giampaolo Pazzini minutes later, and the portiere was responsible for many of Torino's bright plays.

Though Milan new boy Adil Rami blasted a deflected shot past him minutes into the second half, scoring his first goal for the historic club.

The Rossoneri looked slow and stale in the second half, without much to offer offensively.

In the wake of the draw with Torino, we turn our attention to you -- our beloved readers, to answer 10 questions about the current state of the team, and if something positive can come out of this campaign.

Leave your answers in the comments section, and let us know what you think for each of the questions.

Here we go:

1. Does Milan always have to really on Mario Balotelli?

(In other words, can the team cope with his absence and do well offensively, or he is relied upon too much?)

2. Does the 4-2-3-1-formation work?

(It's a start, but does it suit the team?)

3. Will Ricardo Montolivo ever become the maestro he's expected to be?

(We all know Andrea Pirlo is in a different class, yet Monto was touted to be similar. Maybe he needs more time...or is it too much to ask for?)

4. Can Kesuke Honda mold into a Serie A slayer?

(He's been looking good, that's for sure...he just needs to find that killer instinct).

5. Will Robinho score five goals from here until the end of the season?

(The Brazilian is possibly the most frustrating forward we have on the roster).

6. Why does Daniele Bonera still start for Milan?

(He is a seasoned vet and all, however most of his performances this year have been atrocious. Is it time for him to sit?)

7. What does the backline need to do in order to improve?

(Let's say, building around De Sciglio, Abate, and Rami...)

8. Has Clarence Seedorf surprised anyone thus far?

(The manager has his work cut out for him, yet he's doing okay...right?)

9. Who are the best viable options for attack?

(What three attackers would you go with, if Kaka had to be behind them in midfield?)

10. Can Milan still qualify for the Champions League next year?

(We'll leave that one up to you...)

So, what does The Offside think?