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Milan 1 Torino 1

With Balotelli in the stands the FKs went high and wide, but that wasn't all that went awry.

Claudio Villa

I took a lot of notes this match and oddly when I looked at them post match I seemed to be more enthralled and focused on Torino then I was on Milan. Darmian on Cerci overlapping on the flank, or Immobile turning Bonera inside out, something out this team's character is intriguing. They have no intention of possession, and even if they did there would be no one to pass the ball with in the midfield. Cerci wants at his feet, and he wants to run free, and for the most part Milan let him, but it wasn't his day, and it wasn't really Milan's either.

The reason is this team has yet to really find it's character either. It is evident Seedorf will persist with the 4-2-3-1 and his January transfer signings/requests are a testament to that, but the deployment is still lacking. A positive from today, the team scored it's first goal from open play, but outside the opening salvos the rest was average if not below average. Muntari gave Montolivo a bit more freedom in the double pivot and it seemed to be worked until the team pressed forward. To many times it was Muntari carrying the ball forward when by all rights it should have been Montolivo. He has better vision and better technical passing skills, but for some reason or another he always seems caught behind the play. Seedorf solved that problem by removing Muntari but it rendered Montolivo invisible entirely.

The same can be said for Kaka who is forced to work very hard in the center of the pitch, in turn limiting Honda to the wing. It is clear that if and when Kaka receives the ball at his feet he can prey on the space between the fullback and the CB and today there was a bit more for them to work with against the Torino three man defense but it never materialized. The beauty of the 4-2-3-1 is the accordion like attack going inside and out, and Milan seemed to content to stick down Klik's throat and while he got kicked just about everywhere he and his line mates stood strong.

If you were to stumble upon this game as an innocent bystander you would have almost been puzzled, how can one team be so content with the ball and the other be so content without it? I know it is still early, and I don't want a comment like the one to follow to be misconstrued as dislike for Seedorf. As a Coach I also know it takes a lot of time to work your plan into a team, but my fear right now is that there isn't really a plan and throwing players out into the 4-2-3-1 and seeing much of the same problems as before says a lot more about the team and the problems and then persist then the plan and progress moving forward.

A point is a point is a point, before the match I joked with Kemba that we wanted to reverse the result, how do you reverse a draw he said? With a draw...