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The 4-2-3-1 Drinking Game: Atletico Madrid Edition

Based on the new formation Milan manager Clarence Seedorf is using for Milan, why not invent a drinking game to soak up an upset victory or drown in our sorrows accordingly?

Claudio Villa

Here is the 4-2-3-1 Drinking Game, applicable for our UEFA Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid. Questions will vary for different teams throughout the tournament if Milan makes it through, however we're taking it one step at a time.

As for those who don't partake in alcoholic beverages, you can exchange that for shots of espresso. However, please stop after eight or so ...your levels of nervousness will already be threw the roof, and we don't want to be held responsible for your health problems.

This game can be applicable for Wednesday's match, and the second leg next week as well.

Note that several players included may not be fit for the first leg, although some will return for next week's clash -- so make sure to properly schedule your sick days from work if your participating for both games.

The 4-2-3-1 Drinking Game Rules:

Take 4 shots:

-- If Atletico Madrid score 4 goals

-- If one of our key players gets injured in the match (draw your own conclusion as to who is a key player)

-- If Mario Balotelli scores a screamer from outside the box

-- If any Milan player receives a red card

-- If Atletico Madrid win the game

Take 2 shots:

-- Every time Diego Costa scores

-- If Urby Emanuelson starts the game

-- If Sulley Muntari takes a shot from long range and blasts it several miles into the sky

-- If either Andrea Poli, Valter Birsa, or Matias Silvestre make an appearance

-- If Milan hit the post or the crossbar

Take 3 shots:

-- If Milan score three goals

-- If Kaka scores a vintage goal in which he tears apart a number of players before finding the back of the net

-- If somehow Daniele Bonera or Philippe Mexes get the better of Atletico Madrid hit men Diego Costa or David Villa with a tackle or a change of possession

-- If Robinho misses an open net

-- If the game is still 0-0 in the 80th minute

Take 1 shot:

-- Every time Christian Abbiati has to make a save (bonus shot if it's a diving save that results in a corner kick)

-- If Abdel Taarabt runs up the field with the ball and wastes a golden opportunity by failing to make a pass

-- Every time the camera shows a stoic Clarence Seedorf looking GQ from the sidelines

-- If a penalty is awarded to either side (bonus shot if it results in a goal)

-- If the game results in a tie

(If you'd like to take a shot every time a goal is scored -- or multiple shots -- go right ahead).

Please drink cautiously. Do this from the comfort of your own home, or with some friends if you have a designated driver (Atletico Madrid fan) or if you reserved their couch for the night.

Seeing the way things are going for the Rossoneri these days, you might have a long game ahead of you.

Don't be shy to tell us your experiences in the comments section once the game is over.