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Milan 1 Bologna 0

Yesterday we enjoyed the Goal of the Year post match. Now we get down to business.

Claudio Villa

There was a lot of talk about the way the team played under the last guy...listless, lacking direction, confused, and waiting on a moment of brilliance. Today was absolutely no different and if this team isn't reinforcing their mediocrity yet, I don't know how much more evidence one needs to make that claim! For his moment of absolute brilliance he was spectacular, but the other 89 minutes was iffy to say the least.

For the most part it was not Mario's fault, the formation he is being used in forces him high up the pitch in the back pocket of the CBs. This is not Mario's strength, he plays better with a partner and just off the 18 yard box, not in the Zlatan sense of creator but in a more lethal of I am going to shoot and score and you won't stop me. Yet somehow the new Coach doesn't see this and is insistent on a single striker system. Worse the rest of the offense was a cluster, and not the kind in the cereal! Taraabt was a bright spot and he is playing like he has something to prove but Kaka at CAM and Honda out wide is ruining both of them. Honda is lost and Kaka is spending more time deep than a player of his caliber is used to. Anyone remember when the last time he scored was?? I don't either...

Defensively the team was better, but it's all relative. Bologna was toothless to the point of embarrassment going forward and the loss of Diamanti looks crushing. Yet somehow Abbiati was called into action enough to warrant some merit while Constant and Zaccardo who have looked terrible of late, looked OK. Your call on this one.

I know I sound harsh here, but I am seriously disappointed here. I may be lack in some patience, but all the positives that have been promised and discussed have not materialized and while everyone says hold on it will get better, all I am seeing is things getting worse. The saving grace, the team is winning and I will take it, I will always take the three points. But don't try to sell me improvement when today was just dumb luck.