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AC Milan Offside Welcome for New Readers!

A lot of you did the introductions, but now for a some hard hitting questions to the new commenters!

Giuseppe Bellini

As Matheus so elegantly put it...

And then these two newbies who have like 12 posts between them and both joined three weeks ago, come in here dressed like Rambo adding to the offensive. Like, no introduction, no “Hey, I’m new here, here’s a little about me”. No, they immediately come here, take their pants off and sit on the sofa. I don’t agree with a lot of people here on a lot of things, but I keep it cordial and for the most part, they do too. I’m still buying Artie a drink if we ever cross paths in real life.

Despite his rough around the edges comment, he is a genuinly nice guy and while many of us get a bit heated from time the last statement is the real truth.  This is a great place, and we are glad to have you, but time for a grilling first!

1. How did you find this place?

2. Did you choose AC Milan or did AC Milan choose you?

3. Favorite Player, past or present?

4. Favorite Milan Win?

5. Toughest Loss?

Again welcome, feel free to share opinions, remember this is a blog after all where objective is not always the end result.  We all have opinions and I want you to have the utmost freedom to express those, just be prepared to support it when the time comes!

Back later as we prepare for a Valentine's Day Massacre and then a CL Massacre, I will leave you to decide who is massacring who!/