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Genoa 1 Milan 0

The tactics don't change, the performances don't change in turn the results...don't change!

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

I watched the match again in what my wife calls the dungeon.  The dungeon is in my basement where my road bike is fixed to a turbo trainer and a 22 inch tube TV.  It is here I put on a fan and I re-watch matches over and over again, this one just felt more like punishment.

If you understand football you can sort of decide relatively early who the aggressor in a match is going to be.  On this day Milan looked willing but execution, a problem that has plagued this team for years, reared it's ugly head once again.  It doesn't help that we have traded a stubbornly useless 4-2-3-1 for a toothless 4-3-3.  Jeremy Menez continues to frustrate despite his seven goals on the season, in fact it was odd to see Menez miss blatantly good runs in favor of a weak shot aimed directly at Mattia Perin.  He is sort of the polar opposite of former Milan man Alessandro Matri who didn't find the scoresheet against Milan but worked his tail off constantly dumping the ball off to his teammates like he wanted nothing to do with it!

Speak of Perin you can see the difference in a fundamentally sound goalkeeper versus whatever Diego Lopez thinks he is.  I know I have been hard on Lopez but after today's ninety I have to some credit.  Doesn't provide an angle for a back pass, doesn't call off his teammate on balls that are clearly his and the goal!?  Don't even get started on the goal. Genoa's captain Luca Antonelli nailed the free header and it would have been better if the bridge from Genoa to Milan was still open as he would have made a great move a few years back.

As the team continues to struggle the questions for Filippo Inzaghi need to start being answered.  His understanding of tactics is painfully shallow and it is evident with every match.  Sure the team has shape but what they do in that shape is a crap shoot.  Does this team play short-short-long?  Is it a wide and cut inside team?  Who is the pivot point, CB? Midfield? Opponents probably feel the same way do, they don't know what Milan is going to give them but for the most part it doesn't matter.  Genoa proved it today, if you stay calm, play the ball and take your chances Milan will beat themselves.  This match was no different.