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Matchday XIII Preview: Genoa v Milan

Will it be Monty's return in Genoa?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Milan have a long history with the Griffoni of Geona.  Player deals and eight straight losses  to Milan the "sibling" love has ceased over the years and now with Genoa two points ahead of Milan in the table, there will be no favors. Genoa welcome Milan with a plus seven goal differential and a six goal scorer in everyone's favorite Milan loanee Alessandro Matri.  Milan can't get goals out of the likes of Giampaolo Pazzini and Fernando Torres but Matri has six!?  Somewhere, someone is smiling...

The reality is Milan really shouldn't care who the opponent are, while Filippo Inzaghi's team is not the worst ever assembled they have a  mental fragility that has been a common theme for the last few seasons.  This team doesn't need to beat the opponent they need to beat themselves! Last week they played with a general offensive swagger only to be unable to score.  Defensively they did well and they need to build from that also.  It will be come partially a player choice conversation but more importantly a victory will come in execution.  The formation will take you only so far if the player's can't do what it takes to win!

My lineup, taking into consideration the suspension of Michael Essien and the injury of Ignazio Abate:

Lopez, DeSciglio, Rami, Mexes, Armero; Poli, DeJong, Bonaventura; Honda; SES, Menez

I am still saying the 4-3-1-2 is he way to go with this team and Nigel De Jong most likely back healthy I don't know if Riccardo Montolivo would get the nod.  One could argue you can play him and shield him with players like DeJong and Van Ginkel on either side but only time will tell if Inzaghi will break out of this 4-3-3 insanity game we have been playing.